Dry skin reviews: Arts and Crafts

Almost any artist sooner or later faces the problem of dry skin or some kind of skin allergy. These problems arise due to the contact with arts and crafts materials (fabrics, threads, paper, clay etc.) and chemicals (glues, paints, solvents).

Usage of the latex gloves as a protection from irritants is prone to cause contact dermatitis - skin condition characterized by dry and itchy skin. Shielding lotions provide safe and reliable solution for the dry skin that has resulted from skin's exposure to arts and crafts materials. Their unique formula bonds with the outer layer of the skin adding protection from irritants, helping the skin to retain its own natural moisture. It allows skin to heal itself, making it soft and supple. They also allow skin to breathe and perspire naturally.

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Arts and Crafts: quilting, knitting, sewing and stitching

"I am a knitter who suffers with eczema on my hands. They are also extremely chapped due to the cold and dry weather in New England. I have medications, as well as a variety of hand lotions, which are satisfactory, but I never feel that my hands are very smooth. When shopping for yarn in a local knitting store, I complained that I cannot purchase the new suede product because my eczema hands are too rough. The owner of the shop had me try Gloves in a Bottle.

After only a few applications, I noticed a huge difference in my hands and am now knitting myself a suede shawl. Can you please send me a list of pharmacies, which carry this hand lotion? I have ordered a supply from your online services; however, I would like the convenience of purchasing it locally, if possible.
Thank you."
Janice Bardon
New England
"My partner and I are avid knitters and also knit and sew for our boutique. Neither of us can afford dry, cracked skin. We found Gloves in a Bottle at a local knit shop. Skeptical, but willing to try anything, we each bought a bottle and have been amazed. It does not interfere with our handwork, but provides great protection and healing.
A wonderful product!"
Judy Gerrish
and Brenda Wright
"I am the president of a small quilt guild of about 50 members. We love your product! I use it all of the time. It is quite soothing and moisturizes without a watery feeling. This is important because our normal climate is quite warm so we either have the air conditioner running which dries out our skin or we go outside where it is quite humid."
Pat Kohl, President Disconnected Piecers Quilt Guild, Inc
Pt. Charlotte, Fl
"Wow! Thank you. I can already tell you I LOVE your lotion! Not only do I love it, but my husband does too! I quilt and knit, so it's important that my hands be smooth and that there is no residue left on my hands. Your lotion does that and more!
Thanks again!"
Carol Hansen
"I came across this product at my local quilt shop, "The Village Sampler". My hands get extremely cracked and split in the winter and they get even worse if I handle a lot of material and do a lot of sewing. I have tried a lot of lotions for the dry cracked skin on my hands, but I must say yours is the only product I have found that actually works.

Even better, your product actually soothes my hands. "Gloves in a Bottle" seems to get absorbed into the skin and it leaves my hands feeling soft and not at all greasy. (Which is great if I have to handle any material.) I take the little travel bottle with me everywhere I go and have converted many of my sewing friends to the product.
Thanks for making a wonderful product."
Joanne Marshall
Elmyra, NY
"I have very dry skin which is one of the symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome. Sjogren's Syndrome is an autoimmune disease which causes the body to attack its own moisture producing glands. Those of us who have this problem are always looking for products to help us look and feel better.

I first tried Gloves In A Bottle before Christmas last year when my hands are normally even more dry, and I was trying to knit with the new fun - fur yarns. My hands were like Velcro, and the yarn stuck to them making it difficult and frustrating to knit. What a difference the first application of Gloves In A Bottle made! I knitted up a storm.

Gloves In A Bottle works for me because it makes my hands smooth, but not sticky or greasy, allowing me to handle fabrics, thread or papers that I use with my hobbies. It does not have to be used every time I wash my hands which is good because I wouldn't remember (or take the time) to do that. Gloves In A Bottle protects my hands from cleaning products or the weather that would otherwise increase their dryness. I like it that it has no fragrance and that a pea-size drop goes a long way. Thanks for making a great product."
Carol Terpstra
"I am retired Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse that now spends a lot of time pursuing my hobby of quilting/embroidering. Your product is the best hand lotion I have ever used. There is no odor (I am allergic to many other products), no stickiness, and no residue to harm delicate fabrics. It leaves your hands so smooth that no thread or fabric snags on any roughness that might be present on my hands. (After a few days of use - there is no roughness on my hands).

I intend to share my pleasure with Gloves In A Bottle with all my quilt guild friends. I hope to see it soon at my fabric/quilt shops."
Arlene Doppelt
Retired Nurse
"WOW!!!! Your product is INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I got Gloves In A Bottle at a quilt shop a few days ago and I have been using it and LOVE it!!! THANK YOU for this product. I am currently teaching 4 adult education quilting classes in Ramsey and Ridgewood, NJ and I will share this with all of my students. And... Our quilting guild (Brownstone) will also benefit from this product and we have 200 members.....I will spread the good word!!!"
Patricia Rabe
New Jersey

Arts and Crafts: modeling

"There have been a number of articles written for the IPMS/USA Journal warning about the hazards of the various materials we use in the process of enjoying our hobby. Solvents, paints, adhesives, and cleaning agents can all attack and damage various parts of your body. Hands are highly at risk, and modeling with gloves on can be challenging at best.

From Gloves in a Bottle, Inc comes a great product that kills several birds with one stone. While GIAB looks like a standard medicated hand lotion, it in fact contains a chemical that actually works to make the outermost layer of your skin – the epidermis – more resistant to the drying and cracking effects of solvents and adhesives while trapping the natural moisture within the barrier.

OK, I know I’m starting to sound like a model in one of those TV commercials, so let me just say that this stuff works. I get really dry hands in the winter and the occasional spills of alcohol, mineral spirits and lacquer thinner don’t help the problem. I tried Gloves in a Bottle after I cleverly gave myself about a 1 inch long paper cut that just wouldn’t go away, and said hello to me every time I cleaned my airbrush.

A small amount of GIAB went on quickly, “dried” to an invisible barrier (no greasy feel) and protected me for several hours of painting and cleaning. Good stuff! Recommended, particularly to those who suffer from dry skin. Note – this stuff does not replace latex or other protective gloves, and if you’re prone to contact dermatitis or insist on taking baths in MEK, you need to outfit yourself with a good set of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that should include a good face mask/filter combination and appropriate gloves. That being said, I recommend GIAB to modelers everywhere."
John Noack

Arts and Crafts: clay and ceramics

"I was looking for this type of product and National Artcraft sent me information on Gloves In A Bottle. So I tried it. My hands dry out from the ceramics I work with, also from our weather conditions here.

The chemicals we use in ceramics can be very harsh on the hands. Gloves In A Bottle has worked very well for me and my customers. I have barmaids and nurses using it and they are very pleased with the results. I couldn't find anything except regular hand lotions and they didn't do the job. As far as I and my customers are concerned it is a very superior product. No bleeding hands all winter and spring!"
Rosemary Beldin
Ceramics store owner
"Rose Creations"
"I got Gloves In A Bottle the day I was tiling the bathroom - so having my hands constantly in water and grout - I decided to try it. I could not believe the performance of this product - after hours in water - my hands were as soft as when I started.

I can't wait till I start to do garden work - I never use gloves and now I know my hands will be just as soft when I finish. Just a great product - great value for the money. I let my mom try it and she has had always problems with the dry skin on her hands - and she couldn't believe what a great product this is. I do ceramics and working with slip really ruins your hands and this product works fantastic - after trying everything on the market."
Toni Dewitt
Bridgeview, IL
"I am a studio potter, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your product. After having my hands in clay and water all day they can get red and sore especially in the cool & dry Chicago winters. Some of the clays have irritants or abrasives, which cause fun rashes – skin allergies - up my arms. After applying Gloves in a Bottle, all these skin allergies have ceased! I can do my work for longer periods of time...the rashes are gone...and my hands remain soft and smooth despite the weather!
Many Thanks!"
Chicago suburbs

Arts and Crafts: painting

"I am an artist who uses watercolor, oils and acrylics. My hands are (or were) like sandpaper. I have spent a small fortune on creams, lotions, etc.!!!

They help a bit, but they also wash off. Also they are usually somewhat greasy and will leave a residue on paper, mat boards, etc. Every artists, craftsman and framer needs "Gloves In A Bottle". In one day my hands were better than they had been in ages. One application will usually last a day... depending on how busy I am. It wears off gradually bit does not wash off! I heartily recommend it!"
JoAnn Benner Elder
owner and artist
"Sunset Gallery and Gifts"
"I absolutely love the product!! I am an artist so I get my hands into all kinds of stuff and this lotion really helps. I had eczema really bad and Gloves In A Bottle cleared it right up. Thankyou so much!!"
Ms. Barton Landfair