Dry skin reviews: Automotive

Have you ever tried to fix your car by yourself?
If so, you probably know, that any work concerning car repair ends up in dirty and greasy hands. Usage of solvents and frequent washings are further damaging the skin, resulting in plain dry skin on your hands. Sometimes cleanup seems nearly impossible...

Professional mechanics experience definite skin problems due to direct contact with dirt, grease, chemicals, solvents and paints. Gloves seem to be an optimal solution to diminish skin's contact with the irritating substances, but they are too bulky and can constrain agility of the fingers.

Shielding lotions protect the skin the way gloves do, but without restricting finger motion. Besides it, shielding lotions allow skin to breathe and perspire naturally and make cleanup a breeze.


"I purchased Gloves In A Bottle as a gift for my son who is an auto mechanic with his own business. As you might surmise his hands are chronically rough, red, raw and irritated. Since he has been using this product his hands are much improved; he is quite pleased with Gloves In A Bottle."
Jack Bostwick
Doctor of Dental Science
Narberth, PA
"Just a note to tell you how well your product is working. My son is an Auto-Body man and has had a lot of skin problems with splitting dry skin on his hands. This is why we tried your product. He is VERY pleased with the results. Winter is the worst time for him so we will see what happens."
"Just dropping you a note to say THANKS!!!!!!!!
You saved my job.

After about 8 months of agony and seeing about three different skin specialists I was told to quit my job and change my profession (I am an auto technician). I had a skin infection that the doctor could not cure.
I tried Gloves In A Bottle and got instant results. The burning of my skin stopped.

I now have been using Gloves In A Bottle for 1 month. My hands do not look like hamburger due to skin allergies anymore. My hands have completely healed up no trace of skin allergies.
This product is nothing short of a miracle."
"Midas Petaluma"
Petaluma, CA
"When I first used your product I could not believe how different my hands felt at the end of my workday. I won an auto body repair shop and really abuse my hands throughout the day (especially during the winters here in Nebraska). I ordered the large 8oz size bottles from you and plan to use it exclusively at the shop my 7 employees also use it daily. Thanks for making such a wonderful product available to the working people of America."
Gary F. Evans
President of "Fleetline Body Inc."
Omaha, NE
"We purchased this product when we were searching for something to protect our paint employees hands. When we received this product we issued a couple of bottles to our employees and asked them to try it for a week and let us know how they felt about it, will the feedback I got was all good, they loved it. It protected their hands from the paint and primer as well as the thinner and acetone they use, the other good thing was it lasted."
Sandra Deschner
California Truck Equipment Company, Inc.
"Gloves In A Bottle isn't exactly a "Hand Cleaner" but does help with getting your hands "Clean" after you grease them up from working on your bike. Ever get a solvent into a cut or dry cracks on your hands? This is supposed to prevent that from happening. Also, we all know (or should) that long term exposure to petroleum products can lead to certain types of cancer. Gloves In A Bottle protects your hands from primary contact with oils. So if you are the kind of wrencher that doesn't like to wear gloves, this will at least give you some extended "Safe Time" from caustic absorption into the skin. I use this product primarily when I know I'll be doing some Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber lay up. It helps keep the itch down from contact with errant fibers."
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