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The Black Romance, January, 2005

Using Your
Body's Defenses

As I mentioned above, keep­ing your skin healthy and beautiful requires keeping out the harsh chemicals. Since the skin is designed as the barrier between your internal organs and the outside world, it is already very tough. But it wasn't built for the range of chemicals that we come in contact with today. It is well known that these chemicals are harmful if swallowed. Many are also bad for the skin.

If you get bleach on your hands, it won't kill you, but it will keep you from having the smooth, soft skin you desire. Even if you wear gloves while cleaning, you certainly don't when washing your hands, reading the newspaper, or the many day-to-day activities that remove skin moisture. Then, other parts of the body such as the feet become rough and dry. Even your elbows or the parts of the arms that touch the edge of your desk when working on the computer need help.

While moisturizers can replace what is lost, they are not an ideal solution. To begin with, they don't prevent the absorption of chemicals into the skin. Then, there is the problem of losing the skin's natural moisture and only replacing it later in the day to try and repair the damage that has been done.

The real answer, like so many - other aspects of medicine, is prevention - not cure. This is where Gloves In A Bottle enters the picture. It is a moisturizer that is designed to bond with and protect the skin. It seals the skin to prevent the loss of your own natural moisture as well as providing additional moisture.
Most skin products are oil based or lanolin based, so they sit on top of your skin where they can wash right off when you clean your hands or do the dishes.

Gloves In A Bottle, on the other hand, does not wash away since it is absorbed into the outer layers of the skin. It acts as a protective barrier that keeps inside your own natural moisture while repelling outside chemicals. It is gentle, and suitable for all skin types, and is a great way to prevent any of the skin problems that end up in a visit to the doctor.

I would not advise using it for severe problems such as open wounds or skin that is so cracked, that it is bleeding. You should definitely see a physician in such cases. But after the application of the appropriate medication, Gloves In A Bottle can often improve the absorbtion and effectiveness of the medicine. Consult with your doctor, and act according­ly.

As you paint, decorate, and clean your house in preparation for entertaining guests this winter, don't ruin your hands in the process. Follow the above steps and keep your skin as soft as the new fallen snow.

Dr. Peter Helton is a Board-certified dermatolog­ist specializing in cosmetic dermatology at the Helton Skin and Laser Institute.
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