Dry skin reviews: Beauty

People working in beauty industry, such as cosmetologists and hairdressers, often suffer from dry skin and various skin allergies due to frequent hand washings, wearing latex gloves and exposure to harmful substances used in beauty products, especially hair dye allergens.

When your skin is exposed to permanent solutions, and other irritants at salons, gardening, household projects, painting, and harsh weather your skin does need protection. While conventional hand and skin lotions only attempt to replace natural moisture with artificial moisture, shielding lotions bond with the skin's outermost layer converting it into a "shield" that protects the skin from being penetrated by irritants and helps the skin to retain its own natural moisture.

Over 9000 dermatologists and general practitioners recommend Gloves In A Bottle shielding lotion to their patients who suffer from cracked and dry skin, and many say it works better than any other lotion or medication they have ever tried.

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Beauty: hairdressing

"I had a rave success from a pharmacy tech who is also a hairdresser. He gets a reaction from latex gloves (latex contact dermatitis - ed.note) and cannot wear other types of gloves because they roll up with the hair when he does perms and it is impossible. Hair dye is also a problem. He said using GIAB he is able to avoid gloves altogether and does much finer and quicker work on perms and dyes while avoiding the harmful effects of chemicals. He likes it for his work in the pharmacy because they wash their hands constantly because sick people sneeze and cough all over the prescriptions they hand to the pharmacy staff. GIAB allows them to wash their hands often without the drying effects of the soaps they use.

Never have I used a product like yours. I used to work for a Fortune 500 Cosmetic Company so I have used a lot of skin care products. Gloves in a Bottle is the best lotion I have ever used."
Tanya Ladoucer
"I am a pharmacy tech and a hairdresser. I get a skin allergy reaction from latex gloves and cannot wear other types of gloves as they tend to roll up with the hair when I do perms and it is very inconvenient. Hair dye is also a problem. With Gloves In A Bottle I am able to avoid gloves altogether and now I can do much finer and quicker work on perms and dyes while avoiding the harmful effects of chemicals. When I work at the pharmacy Gloves In A Bottle helps too – as we have to wash our hands constantly because people sneeze and cough over the prescriptions they hand to our staff. Due to Gloves In A Bottle hands don’t get dried with the antibacterial soap."

Beauty: cosmetology and skin care

"I needed to get relief from extremely chapped and dry hands. I am a cosmetologist and do a lot of chemical work – especially perms. I also do a lot of hair coloring. I wanted to keep my hands nice and Gloves In A Bottle works! My hands are great. I apply the lotion at 9:00 in the morning, at 11:00 in the morning and at 2:00 in the afternoon – faithfully. I have great hands after a week of exposure to the hazards of my work. There is no similar product."
Marjo De Ridder
Cosmetologist, "St. Yves Salon"
Torrance, CA
"My profession as a skin care technician is a wonderfully rewarding job except that my hands are always in water. This coupled with the natural aging process has made my skin very dry. I am well aware and even sell many types of lotions and creams, yet as soon as my hands go into water even the most expensive creams are washed away.

Gloves in a Bottle doesn't wash away and seems to provide a protective layer over the skin to lock the natural moisture in. I've not seen any other type of ointment/lotion that provides added moisture and protection at the same time."
Susan Owens
Licensed Esthetician
"WOW!!! Where have you been. I just recently discovered you in the local store in Alb, NM. You are fantastic, I've never seen my hands look good so fast. Just like it says use very little, repeat in 4 hours. WOW!!!I am an Avon rep also – and no way do any of my products compete with yours. I'm telling all my friends about this product. Keep up the good work. "
Janice Ashbough
Alb, NM
"We are pleased to tell you about our experience with your product. We had seen an article about Gloves In A Bottle in Nail Pro Magazine. We wanted protection from Acetone for removing artificial nails and were very impressed with the concept and the effect of your product."
Sammy Suzuki
President of "La vie en rose international"
Los Angeles, CA