Dry skin reviews: Construction

When working on construction site, exposed to harsh weather, sun and wind, you are most likely to face dry skin problem:

Cement, gypsum and building lime (contained in plasters and putties) are very drying to hands, absorbing skin's moisture. Dry skin loses its integrity, and chemicals from glues and paints easily enter the skin's outer layer, making the skin irritated, painful or itchy. Besides it, glues and paints leave stains that are very difficult to remove. Solvents and harsh soaps, scrubbing or rubbing the skin in order to get rid of these stains only aggravates the dry skin condition.

Until now there was no effective enough option for dry skin sufferers: conventional lotions add artificial moisture to the skin, but do not provide any sufficient protection from irritants, coming off every time you wash your hands or touch something. Woven gloves are too bulky, but latex gloves in some people produce contact dermatitis.

Shielding lotions provide the brand-new solution for the dry skin: they unite with your skin's outer layer, virtually becoming part of your skin, protecting and nourishing it. Shielding lotions help keep moisture-robbing irritants out, while retaining skin's own natural moisture, allowing the skin to heal itself.

Construction: protection from paints, glues and solvents

"I purchased this product to offer protection from glues, solvents and paint. The condition I had was dry skin and damage from solvents. I have not experienced a product as yours and it works great."
Brian Chun
HUB Hobby Center
Little Canada, MN
"I really love Gloves In A Bottle and use it all the time. My husband ordered this product after hearing about it in his Radio flying club. He thought it would be most useful for protection since the chemicals used in the paints and epoxies were very drying to the hands.

We both use Gloves In A Bottle when we do any kind of gardening. It makes cleaning a breeze! I also use it as a hand lotion. My hands get very dry and cracked during the winter months even here in Florida. It makes my hands feel smooth and silky. They are not greasy after using Gloves In A Bottle. I think it even promotes healing."
Lucinda Craig
"I purchased your product to help my hands when working around the house, paint, epoxy, glue etc. I wanted the extra protection and to make my hands easier to clean up.

My wife uses your product when she gardens. She also recommended your product to a sales clerk at a local craft store. She noticed the clerk wearing gloves and when she inquired, the clerk told her that she was allergic to the ink used on the plastic bags. Thank you for a fine product."
John E. Crag
Doctor of Dental Science
Orange Park, FL
"I'm writing this letter to thank you for making such an outstanding product. I have been using Gloves in a Bottle for the past few months and I wanted to take a moment to tell you of my experience with it.

Last week I found that I had some chores to do involving interior Latex paint. After I put on my Gloves in a Bottle I decided to touch up some paint in my living room. I thought that since it was such a small job I didn't need to bother with the gloves and the tarps and all the other things I would have brought out for a larger job. I was wrong! I somehow managed to get the paint all over the back of my right hand. Since my skin is so sensitive I was dreading having to scrub it with a brush. I instead took a plain tissue and rubbed gently and to my great surprise and pleasure, the paint came off!!! No scrubbing or soap was necessary.

I am sold on Gloves in a Bottle. It not only is great for the day to day chores that I have to perform, it is wonderful for the unexpected crises that arise on a daily basis. Thank you so much for such a great product."
Kelly Miller
"My wife and I are painting and re-siding our house have been for the past year and Gloves In A Bottle is always the first step. I took a bottle to a friend over in Athens, GA and now he is hooked. Georgia is inundated with fire ants that leave terrible bites when they attack. I was cleaning my water meter hole and had my hand covered with fire ants and not one bite showed where I used Gloves In A Bottle I can't say that for my untreated arm where every bite showed and my arm hurt and itched for a week."
Vincent B. Peck
"We purchased this product when we were searching for something to protect our paint employees hands. When we received this product we issued a couple of bottles to our employees and asked them to try it for a week and let us know how they felt about it, will the feedback I got was all good, they loved it. It protected their hands from the paint and primer as well as the thinner and acetone they use, the other good thing was it lasted."
Sandra Deschner
California Truck Equipment Company, Inc.
"I got Gloves In A Bottle the day I was tiling the bathroom - so having my hands constantly in water and grout - I decided to try it. I could not believe the performance of this product - after hours in water - my hands were as soft as when I started.

I can't wait till I start to do garden work - I never use gloves and now I know my hands will be just as soft when I finish. Just a great product - great value for the money. I let my mom try it and she has had always problems with the dry skin on her hands - and she couldn't believe what a great product this is. I do ceramics and working with slip really ruins your hands and this product works fantastic - after trying everything on the market."
Toni Dewitt
Bridgeview, IL
"I recently bought your product "Gloves In a Bottle" for my boyfriend who is a plumber on a construction site. His hands are all eaten up by years of using PVC glue and cleaners. He claims your product is a miracle worker. Not only are his hands not getting worse, they're improving!"
Chris Mangels