Diabetes dry skin

Insulin is a hormone that participates in converting food into energy needed for daily life, it lets glucose enter cells of the body and fuel them. Diabetes is a disease that results in body’s failure to produce (type 1) or properly use insulin (type 2 diabetes).
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Symptoms and complications of diabetes:

Dry skin of feet and ulceration in people with diabetes
Dry skin feet ulceration in people with diabetes.
  • heart diseases, heart stroke;
  • increased fatigue, irritability;
  • sudden loss of weight, thirst, hunger, frequent urination, digestive problems;
  • sexual dysfunction;
  • abnormal thyroid conditions: hypo­thyroidism, hyperthyroidism.
  • dry skin condition.
Dry skin has an unpleasant sight, feels uncomfortable and can set the stage for even more serious skin diseases such as eczema.

Intense itching leads to scratching and rubbing that aggravates dry skin condition, causing even more itching and inflammation and may end up in getting secondary infection, localized folliculitis or even cellulitis.

In people with diabetes, clinical symptoms and complications of dry skin are more frequent and severe, damage to small blood vessels and to small nerves may further promote dry skin and its complications. Untreated dry skin can lead to ulceration particularly on diabetic feet with loss of sensation.

What are the reasons for diabetes dry skin:

The main reason why people with diabetes are prone to developing dry skin is poor blood glucose control.
  • when blood glucose level goes high, organism loses fluid, part of which will evaporate from the outer layer of the skin turning it dry;
  • high blood glucose level also makes you less resistant to infections.

How to take proper care of dry diabetes skin:

Treatment of diabetic dry skin consists of two parts:
  • regulation of blood glucose level that is responsible for dry skin condition;
  • treatment of dry skin symptoms by regulating humidity of the air, healthy diet, cutting down bathing to a minimum and using proper remedies for dry skin condition.

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1 - Thyroid is a small gland in the lower part of the neck that produces hormones that are vitally important to the proper regulation of cell activity;