Dry skin

In order to function properly, skin should be adequately moisturized. Oil glands of the normally balanced skin produce enough natural oils to prevent skin from losing its moisture. These oils act as a barrier trapping moisture within. When the outermost layer of skin loses its natural moisturizing substances, and the water concentration in the outer layer of your skin drops below 10% (while the skin needs to contain 10%-20% water), it gets dry, loses flexibility, itches and may crack.

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How to recognize dry skin:

  • its complexion is tough, dull with red patches over it;
  • it feels tight;
  • it is flaky, scaly and may develop cracks;
  • it has almost invisible pores;
  • it develops mainly on the extremities: knees, elbows, fingers;
  • it becomes itchy.

    Dirt, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other irritants get under the outermost layer of the skin through the cracks and small fissures, making skin itch.

What are the reasons for dry skin
or sudden flare-ups of dry skin condition:

  • exposure to physical elements: direct sunlight, wind, cold;
  • dry air, especially in overheated houses in winter, air conditioning;
  • frequent bathing, usage of strong soaps, washings with hot water, cosmetics;
  • some diseases may also produce dry itchy skin: diabetes, underactive thyroid, food allergies, skin allergies, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema;
  • sometimes dry skin is a genetic condition, that is inherited and runs in families;
  • skin aging.

How to take proper care of dry skin:

Dry skin - looks dull and irritated
Dry skin has rough texture, flaky, feels tight, irritated, painful when cracks.
  • get sufficient sleep to allow skin cells repair themselves during resting phase;
  • regular exercise and gentle massage of your skin boost blood circulation, encourage blood flow that results in a better tissue supplement with the oxygen, nourishing and cleansing your skin from within;
  • drink at least 2 quarts of water every day to keep the skin adequately hydrated;
  • balance your diet, increasing the intake of grains, seeds, nuts, raw fruits and vegetables, foods rich with sulfur and the vitamins A and C for younger-looking soft and supple skin;
  • avoid caffeine, sugar, chocolate, fried foods in your diet;
  • avoid smoking and taking alcohol;
  • use humidifier for overheated apartments, avoid extremities in temperature, its sudden changes;
  • cut down showers or baths to at least every other day or less, drop washings with hot water, harsh soaps. After washing, pat your skin carefully, rubbing it with washcloth may further irritate dry skin;
  • to smooth the skin choose the proper dry skin remedy. The brand new solution of the dry skin problem is usage of shielding lotions that bond with the outer layer of the skin, helping to retain its own natural moisture while preventing absorption of the irritating substances.

    These lotions do not sit on the top of the skin, clogging its pores, but allow skin to breathe and perspire. This new method lets the skin to heal itself in the most natural way, making it soft and vibrant.

The results people get using Shielding Lotion
as a treatment for dry skin condition:

Dry skin - after only a few applications of Gloves In A Bottle shielding lotion
Dry skin greatly improved only after a few applications of Gloves In A Bottle shielding lotion...

Dry skin - close up
"I have very dry skin which is one of the symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome. Sjogren's Syndrome is an autoimmune disease which causes the body to attack its own moisture producing glands. Those of us who have this problem are always looking for products to help us look and feel better.

I first tried Gloves In A Bottle before Christmas last year when my hands are normally even more dry, and I was trying to knit with the new fun - fur yarns. My hands were like Velcro, and the yarn stuck to them making it difficult and frustrating to knit. What a difference the first application of Gloves In A Bottle made! I knitted up a storm.

Gloves In A Bottle works for me because it makes my hands smooth, but not sticky or greasy, allowing me to handle fabrics, thread or papers that I use with my hobbies. It does not have to be used every time I wash my hands which is good because I wouldn't remember (or take the time) to do that. Gloves In A Bottle protects my hands from cleaning products or the weather that would otherwise increase their dryness. I like it that it has no fragrance and that a pea-size drop goes a long way. Thanks for making a great product."
Carol Terpstra
"My skin becomes extremely dry, flaky & rough during the winter months. I applied Gloves In A Bottle to the heels of my feet, and the skin became smooth, soft and supple. Also there is no oily feel to my skin after using it. I am constantly reapplying lotion but not this product. It lasts for hours."
Wanda Gates
Chicago, IL
"A little bit of background: I'm in my 60s, and live in a place where it's quite dry most of the time, and I've had a lot of trouble (for years) with dry skin on my hands -- finger tips and thumb tips cracking open, lots of roughness on the sides of some of the digits, generalized coarseness and roughness to the skin of the hands. I encountered Gloves In A Bottle while in a store that sells high-end hand woven garments, yarn, and knitting and weaving supplies. I tried the lotion and then bought a bottle.

I've been using it throughout the day for about a week now, not longer. My hands are completely different now, already. I really do think there's not a lot of improvement possible over how they are right now. The rough skin sloughed off over several days' time. The skin adjacent to the cracks on my thumbs softened a lot and I clipped it off with a fingernail clipper and the cracks healed up and have disappeared. My hands feel a little bit waxy and very smooth now, supple.

The lotion sinks in very quickly and completely, and there is no residual greasiness. When I wet my hands there is none of the greasy feeling that other products have had. There is no perfume in the lotion, and therefore no odor on the hands. I'm using it every four hours during the day. I could not recommend this stuff more highly. I'm totally satisfied, even amazed. My hands appear to have regressed in age by several decades. I'd give this stuff ten stars if I could."
James Chadwick
Ashland, Oregon
(review from amazon.com)
"I work at Kaiser in Northern California and happened to run across your product at our pharmacy. Having been plagued with "dry skin" my entire life (I am almost 50 years old) I was interested to see what would happen. Your product is amazing. I purchased my first bottle the next day and after using only 3 days my skin is so soft and moist it almost looks like I got a face lift.

The only thing that I can say to you to possibly offer some feedback is that everyone I have been telling is shocked that I used this product on my face. From the bottle it appears to be only for hands. Maybe add "for everywhere" or something because people are closing that door because they see it as only a "dry hands" product and as you know and I now know - it is for any area of the body being robbed of natural moisture.

Keep up the good work. I am so happy to have found your product."
Mary Lewis
Vallejo, CA
"The Gloves In A Bottle is awesome. I have chronic recurring dry skin (I call it "lizard skin", and Gloves In A Bottle, all by itself, clears it up with just a few applications; I don't have to keep using it every hour for the rest of my life. In my experience, it does what it says it does -- "it keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.""
from comments on
Rural Glamour:"City-itis" Blog
"In the past two years I have had severe health problems. Because of these health problems I am dehydrated. I have problems drinking liquids, even water. I feel I have tried everything available. I even sleep in gloves with oil applied to my hands. My hands are dry to the extent of peeling. The skin on my fingertips cracks and is very painful. Within hours of applying this product my hands felt better. After the first week, for the first time in years, my hands feel and look normal."
Terri Ashbaugh
"My husband and I used this when we painted the interior of our home. Loved it! And it stayed on for hours."
Carolyn Waring
"I am a regular user of Gloves In a Bottle. I must say that this product by far beats any conventional lotion I have used in the past. I am a walking advertisement of Gloves in a Bottle and I have reccommeded this product to friends and family with dry skin issues."
from comments on
Platinum Blonde Life Blog
"I want to thank you for finally coming up with a product that can smooth my rough, dry feet! I have fought with ugly, dry skin on my feet for 20 years. The podiatrist sanded my feet and prescribed expensive creams and lotions for me, to no avail. I have tried everything on the market! Finally a friend introduced me to Gloves In A Bottle and my prayers have been answered! I can now wear sandals without being self-conscious."
Jen Paul
"Thank you very much. I picked up a bottle at a local craft store and love it!
I am a professional violinist and live in the high desert. I love how I can use "Gloves in a Bottle" and still play my instrument (and knit - my other passion)!."
Sue Kitts
"We've given Gloves in a Bottle a try in our hosehold and it works extremely well. I spend considerable time in front of my computer - I work from home - and my hands tend to dry out during the working day. If I'm not at my desk then I'm in the garden; pruning, mowing, working on my vegetable patch. A few drops of Gloves in a Bottle seems to do work perfectly for me, retaining mositure in my hands when I'm stuck in the office and keeping out the dirt and grime from the working in the garden.."
from comments on the
Boutique Mom Blog
"I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how great your product is. I work in airline maintenance, which exposes my hands to harsh solvents that cause them to dry out and crack. I have tried everything to prevent this to no avail. Recently I came across your product and found it to be excellent at preventing my problem and would recommend it to anyone working in an industrial environment or that experiences chemical exposure to their skin."
Bill Sexton
Airplane mechanic