Dry skin reviews: Gardening

When the spring comes, your garden starts taking more and more time and effort. You are spending the whole day outdoors, exposed to sun and wind, with your arms in soil, dirt and chemicals. Besides it, you are touching plants that may irritate you skin, causing skin allergy, sting or scrape skin's surface, letting in bacteria and infections.

Many gardeners have already accustomed to the dry skin, they disbelieve that this problem may be easily solved. They have already tried everything - various lotions and protective gloves, but without any satisfactory results.

They just didn't know, that Gloves In A Bottle had already developed the brand-new solution for the dry skin condition - it makes clean-up a breeze, leaving your skin as soft as a baby's. This shielding lotion is very special due to its working principle - its particles get into the outer layer of the skin, forming what works like an invisible glove - keeping harmful irritants out, but skin's own natural oils and moisture in.

Try it, and you'll see that you really may have smooth "garden hands".

Gardening: protection from irritants ang easy clean up

"I have very dry skin. I found Gloves In A Bottle helped protect the skin from further damage/drying when working in the garden or washing the dishes. It protects your skin against deep stains and drying out due to exposure."
Vickie Seavey
Murrieta, CA
"Even though I am not gardening at this time of the year I have started using the lotion - Gloves In A Bottle as I have some patches of the dry skin on my hands and it is doing a good job of healing them. We are in Arizona at this time of the year and the air is very dry so a good time to test it. It is easy to use and I will continue to use the lotion in the spring when I return to gardening. "
R.R. Yahnke
Sherburn, MN
"To My Heros At Gloves In A Bottle !
I absolutely love your product, Gloves In A bottle. I have never been so satisfied with a lotion. It absorbs like nothing I have ever tried! It instantly hydrates me skin and keeps it moist! There is however, one thing I do not understand about G.I.A.B. - why did you market it as a hand lotion?

I began using it on my face and could not believe how great it works as a night cream, wrinkle cream and even as a "sun" cream! My face actually has less wrinkles. I spend many hours a week in the sun, gardening. I don't like to use strong sun blocks because I like to tan. I found that G.I.A.B. allows me to tan without burning! I don't even get a little pink with G.I.A.B. - just a nice safe copper tan. And after hours in the sun it works very well as a body lotion. I have recomended it to so many people, I should be on the payroll! Maybe you should have called it "Miracle In A Bottle"! Or "The Last Lotion" because it's the last lotion anyone will ever buy!
Kimberly Stoner
Englewood, OH
"I first encountered Gloves In A Bottle through the mail. It was great! My hands were never too dry! I looked for it at local pharmacies and department stores, but couldn't find it. Finally, the pharmacy at my doctor's office had it and I immediately bought a bottle.

Whenever I use Gloves In A Bottle, my hands are softer, more supple, and more pleasant to my wife's skin. I can work in the yard and on dusty old computers without my hands drying out. But, most importantly, with regular, daily use (sometimes as little as once a day!) Gloves In A Bottle keeps my fingertips from getting those painful little cracks around the ends of my fingernails. It's amazing how something so small can be so painful; and how a product so simple can work so well! Thank you!

In our dry high mountain desert climate in here Utah, dry cracked skin is a real problem, Gloves In A Bottle is the solution! I have and do recommend it to everyone I can!"
"I found Gloves In A Bottle extremely easy and comfortable to use. Whether repotting plants or sewing on a quilt, it keeps my fingers and nails from getting dirty from the soil or free from needle marks or pricks.

It is great when cooking. I use it to protect my fingers while slicing garlic and onions, no more nasty fingers. I did like that I could trim them to fit. I have large hands and didn't need to cut them but I could have if necessary. The gripping nubs were perfect. It really helps keep my nails clean and looking just perfect."
Judi Gilbert
Spring Creek, NV
"Thank you for your excellent product. For me, working as a landscaper, your product has been a life saver. I am amazed at how easily dirt washes off my hands and cuticles at the end of a busy day. Do you think you can come up with something for dry lips? Thanks again!"
Rebecca L. Eubig