Dry skin reviews: Industrial

There are many commonplace things in your environment that seem absolutely harmless, but the point is - they are not. Continual work with paper or fabrics insensibly worsen your skin condition, absorbing your skin's moisture - and one day you catch sight of your skin that is rough, dry and irritated, and you can't even guess, what has become a reason for it. Even marginal household chemicals, strong soaps, frequent hand washings especially with hot water may result in dry skin; if the condition is not opportunely treated, irritants and dirt may get into the breaks and fissures of dry skin and become a cause for skin infection, characterized by redness and itching.

Shielding lotions are able to prevent your skin from getting dry: they restore the integrity of your skin by bonding with its outer layer, working as a "shield" that doesn't let irritating substances penetrate the skin. They prevent skin from losing its natural oils and moisture by sealing them within, making skin adequately moisturized, including not only outermost, but also deeper skin layers. In some cases this principle makes the skin able to heal itself without taking any medicines.

Industrial: protection from irritants in your environment

G.A. Fingerman, President,
Clothing Care Center:

"I am in the laundry and dry-cleaning business. Some of my employees have had skin reaction to chemicals used in our operations. Your product has greatly improved those problems. Because of their satisfaction, we plan to continue to use Gloves In A Bottle."
Rod Hamilton,
Schacht Spindle CO, Inc.:

"We have used several different products in our finishing department to help protect our workers from wood finishing solvents. Some have been adequate some not, hence the reason for trying Gloves In A Bottle. Presently your product has been the best barrier crème we have used and have been pleased with the results. The only improvement we see is to have Gloves In A Bottle available through our usual vendors."
Paul Cera
Aldrich Chemical Company:

"I purchased the product as a business decision for the company where I work, Aldrich Chemical manufactures or distributes over 34,000 different chemicals. Although the personal protective equipment we use in handling these chemicals is more than adequate, I felt your product would give an additional secondary line of defense. The majority of the chemicals we handle are hazardous and regulated substances. We felt this product would protect against most of them when used as a secondary measure.

We tried a similar product - but found that your product dried quicker, was easier to apply, was more likely to be sued and was better absorbed into the skin. We believe your product can be beneficial in reducing the likelihood of rashes and other skin conditions and will continue to test it."
Sandra Deschner, Purchasing,
California Truck Equipment Company, Inc.:

"We purchased this product when we were searching for something to protect our paint employees hands. When we received this product we issued a couple of bottles to our employees and asked them to try it for a week and let us know how they felt about it, will the feedback I got was all good, they loved it. It protected their hands from the paint and primer as well as the thinner and acetone they use, the other good thing was it lasted."
"You have the most marvelous product "Gloves In A Bottle"!
After reading my daily paper "S.D. Union Tribune" one day, I was interested in thumbs up review in the retail trend section concerning your product! I sent my husband to "Bed, Bath & Beyond" who had sold out, then the Clairemont "Home Depot" was sold out. I decided to get on the phone and start calling all the Home Depots'. I lucked out, "Sports Arena Home Depot" had 78 in stock.

I'm a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, and my hands were in very sad shape. I had black (from ink, dyes) cracks on my fingers. After touching thousands of pieces of mail, letters and magazines daily, my hands had extremely dry, rough, red and cracked skin. Sometimes I wear band-aids just to protect my skin. Anyway, I tried the cream and noticed a nice glazed, soft smooth feeling, within 1-2 days my black cracks were gone. And as an experiment on my days off I discontinued use. And my hands remained soft.

I wash my hands many times a day and I love the results of Gloves In A Bottle, I don't have to worry about harmful soaps anymore! Anyway, I've introduced your product to my Doctor and her nurses and one of the nurses said it would be great for her diabetic mom. Also at my chiropractor's office where his hands were very chapped, because he washes his hands so much, I gave him a bottle also, for he and his receptionists to enjoy. He sees 60 patients a day and keeps a bottle of intensive care lotion out to use in each room. So perhaps he'll put his bottle of Gloves In A Bottle along side it.

My one boss at work came up to me just today to tell me she "didn't know how to thank me enough for introducing your product". She had gone gambling with her mom and their hands usually get all black and she said it really protected them! I'm sure that soon dermatologists will be recommending your product as a great skin saver! Thank you!"
Denis Schiefer
Letter Carrier
"Just a note to tell you how much I've enjoyed your hand lotion. I tried it and it really is wonderful. I work in a custom photo lab and handle film and prints. Your lotion leaves my hands felling great and leaves no oily or sticky feeling. Thank you - what a find!"
Marilyn Barton
"Well, I have a thumb that if I put it in water too much it splits and is very painful. Gloves in a Bottle helps prevent that from happening. I'm a graphic designer so I work on the computer and with paper products a lot....I love that Gloves in a Bottle is not greasy and I can apply it and immediately go back to my keyboard or papers without the mess of most lotions. I also love that you don't have to reapply it all the time. To make a long story short it is just the best lotion I have ever used! :)

I'm off to Walgreens to restock! Thanks again and have a great day!!!"
Alexandria Barnard