Dry skin reviews: Medical

Whether you are a surgeon, a dermatologist, a nurse or a health care worker - your hands need protection. Frequent washings take off a thin oily layer of the skin that seals in skin's own natural moisture, leaving the skin dry and unprotected. Usage of latex gloves may worsen the dry skin condition, becoming a reason for such skin disorder as contact dermatitis.

You, probably, agree, that having dry skin is not only painful and uncomfortable, but also looks strange to the patients, tending to believe that a doctor is trustworthy only if he is absolutely healthy himself.

Shielding lotions, such as Gloves In A Bottle, offer an effective solution to the dry skin problem - they are not greasy or sticky, they do not come off every time you wash your hands or touch something, they provide protection without irritating the skin, as latex gloves do.

The unique formula binds with the outer layer of the skin, helping retain skin's own natural moisture and oils, leaving skin adequately moisturized even at its deepest layers. Shielding lotion forms a glove-like barrier between skin's surface and the environment, preventing irritants from penetrating the skin. Besides it, shielding lotions let the skin breathe and perspire naturally. When the skin doesn't lose its moisture and is protected from irritating substances, it becomes able to effectively heal itself.

Medical: skin problems from frequent washings & latex gloves

Dr.Peter Helton, MD

"We have been very excited and happy with the results achieved using "Gloves In A Bottle". We have been using it to treat hand eczema patients with it, applying their medication first in the morning, then applying "Gloves In A Bottle" several times daily.

We have achieved good results with your product to the extent that patients have been able to stop their medications and continue only with "Gloves In A Bottle" to control their hand eczema condition.

I feel that Gloves In A Bottle is the best moisturizing protective creams we have ever used.

I have no reservations in prescribing "Gloves In A Bottle" to patients with hand eczema. I also recommend it for people without a hand condition who want to protect their hands and keep them soft and supple."
Dr.Brian Zogg, MD

"Gloves In A Bottle forms a protective barrier on the skin and keeps out irritants and chemicals. It also allows more of the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin to facilitate healing. It is a big advantage that this shielding lotions is light and go on without a greasy mess.

When your skin gets dry and itchy you know that the protective outer layer of skin has been stripped away. The artificial moisturizers in traditional creams and lotions can send a signal to the moisture producing parts of your skin that enough moisture is present.

Your skin reacts to this artificial moisturizers by making less of the natural moisture needed to resolve a dry skin problem, that is why shielding lotions are so important. Gloves In A Bottle helps retain more of your own natural oils and moisture in the skin, so skin heals faster."
"Just writing to let you know of my experience with Gloves in a Bottle. I have long suffered from constant & terrible itching on my hands & fingers which caused open wounds & blisters. I went to many doctors who prescribed many different steroid creams. NOTHING WORKED! Also, I am an EMT, so open wounds on my hands were especially dangerous in regard to infectious diseases.

I tried Gloves in a Bottle and was absolutely amazed at the results.....I no longer have ANY itching or wounds....my hands are absolutely smooth and perfect! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product, which I now plan on ordering in the gallon size container!!!!!"
Debbie V.
Emergency Medical Technician
New York
"I am a Pharmacist at a drugstore in Kentucky. I have used Gloves In A Bottle on my children’s rashes in the buttocks and groin areas. These rashes are common in the summer humidity, and the child complains of a "raw" feeling down there. These rashes respond very well to your product, and I have ordered more Gloves In A Bottle and will recommend it to parents who ask for a treatment for this type of rash. THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!"
"I work as an ICU nurse at the Monroe Clinic Hospital in Monroe, Wisconsin. Always my hands are dry and reddened. I get contact dermatitis from the frequent hand washing. On a busy night my hands can be raw. Last year it was really embarrassing when I left a blood trickle on my charting because of cracked fingers. (I actually used white-out cover the trail). Your product returned my hands to normal."
Marcia Davidson
Registered Nurse
Monroe, Wisconsin
"I love my Gloves In A Bottle. I assist orthopaedic surgeons with cast applications and removals, remove stitches, staples, and work with patients full time. I wash my hands all during the day. I love the lotion. I feel like it protects my hands and they don't get as dry as they used to.

I am also a quilter and I like using the lotion because it does not get "oily stains" on my fabric.

I also gave one of my doctors a bottle because his hands are so dry. He likes it as well."
Macon, GA