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Dry Skin Care News

Articles by Skin Care Specialists:

10/23/2005: Shielding lotions provide protection against Halloween disguise irritants
10/08/2005: Which dry skin remedies do you choose for your annual winter skin?
09/29/2005: Home appliance very often responsible for dry skin problems
09/21/2005: Eczema Week Focuses On Families
09/15/2005: What is Eczema? What causes it and is it contagious?
08/16/2005: Look in the mirror to see who or what causes dry itchy skin.
08/05/2005: The largest organ of the body is the greatest health risk.
07/28/2005: Internet searches for dry skin remedies produce conflicting and confusing answers
07/22/2005: Summer can mean dry skin problems
07/13/2005: Age old knowledge about dry skin unearthed and adapted to modern technology

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