Dry skin reviews: Sports

It doesn't matter whether you are a professional sportsman or you are taking physical exercise as a hobby or just to feel fit - any physical activity is characterized by increased burden to certain parts of the body: it may be a pressure, producing dry skin with cracks and fissures, or a friction, producing chafed, painful, blistered skin. It is very bothering when pain and itching do not let you get pleasure from sports.

While under stress, your skin needs extra protection. The new generation of lotions - shielding lotion - has come to make your dry skin only a painful recollection. They provide an absolutely different approach to the problem - making your own skin's outer layer an invisible shield, retaining skin's natural moisture and oils while keeping out moisture-robbing irritants, allowing the skin to breathe and perspire the way nature intended.

Sports: protection for friction- and pressure-bearing areas.

"My husband and I are both golfers. Neither of us like to wear winter gloves, resulting in very dry skin and chaffed hands in the winter. We have discovered that Gloves in a Bottle is a great solution for both of us. It is non-greasy and lasts the entire round. We each carry a 2-oz bottle in our golf bags. It is a perfect size and ready when we are. Thanks for your great product."
Judy and
Dave Gerrish
"As a professional racquet stringer Iím always looking for products that might help make the job a little easier and less stressful on the fingers. Tournament stringing is very demanding with long hours and an endless supply of racquets. Last year as I was about to leave for stringing duty at Wimbledon in London, I noticed a display for Gloves In A Bottle at a local store.

After reading the brochure I had high hopes that this would be the ideal "finger saver" and Iím delighted to say that Gloves In A Bottle delivered as advertised. During a Grand Slam event such as Wimbledon, the stringing team will do over 200 racquets per day during the first 4 days of the tournament, which equates to roughly 25-30 racquets a day for each member of the team.

There's a lot of friction involved when stringing racquets and the hands and fingers can chafe, dry out, and crack before you know it.

Stringers have to keep their hands soft when you are doing that many racquets a day and the lotion really did the trick. It was a huge hit with other stringers as well as with the ladies at the front desk receiving racquets from the players. The lotion as not greasy feeling as with many others Iíve tried and thatís important in our business. Iíll be taking a good supply of Gloves In A Bottle back to Wimbledon this year and I know there are already fellow stringers that are looking forward to getting a new supply."
"I am an avid fisherman, who is on the board of directors of the Wilderness Medical Society - 3000 doctors engaged in outdoor activities. I received a sample of Gloves In A Bottle and decided to field test it on my afternoon off. I fished six hours and dressed 50 crappie. Usually my hands would have been wrinkled, white, and painful. To my amazement and delight my hands were as smooth as a baby's behind. It also kept the fish smell off my skin."
George Hulsey, MD
Norman, Oklahoma
"I have pompholyx eczema, and through years of lotion & potion testing have found one that actually works.
I've tried just about anything the doc can give me, way to many drugstore creams and a few old wives tales, but recently I was in a secret exchange and my partner sent me a sample size of a lotion called Gloves In A Bottle.

Boy was that stuff brilliant!! For the first time I spun laceweight without my control finger becoming raw & blistered! I ended up shipping quite a few bottles of it over here to the UK and it continues to knock the eczema on the head every time it thinks about breaking out.
I don't get to bad a breakout, only the one finger really but it just happens that its my control finger during spinning so its a big pain when it happens as it used to mean spinning a bobbin of laceweight could take me up to 2 weeks to do rather than 2 or 3 sittings."
Angela Wiseman
"We use it on our feet. I tried it & love it. My husband has cracked and dry skin on his heels. I told him to try it, it works wonders. Feet are so smooth & dries fast. We live in Florida & walk barefoot as much as we can. This is a wonderful product, not only for your hands, but also your feet."
Jim and
Ronie Clickstine